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In support of our Pillars of Health, we are pleased to provide you with a wellness program. Our goal is to support you in your individual journey with tools, resources, and fun opportunities to improve your health and wellbeing.

Wellness Resources

As part of our wellness program, we provide monthly wellness newsletters on topics we hope you find beneficial to your health, as well as several webinars and meditations offered by our broker McGriff.

Virtual Events

Food for Thought.jpg

Food For Thought

Thursday, June 13th

12pm - 12:20pm PDT | 3pm - 3:20pm EDT


Registered dieticians join us to cover essential nutrition topics, providing practical insights and tools for healthier eating habits.

The class will consist of 15 minutes of content followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.


Click to register for this event

Walker Tracker

Step into a Healthier You with Walker Tracker!

Girl Running

Register for Walker Tracker and embark on a journey to better health! With exciting challenges, friendly competition, and a supportive network, Walker Tracker will make staying active fun and rewarding. Step up your fitness game, connect with like-minded colleagues, and enjoy a healthier and more energetic life. Engage with Walker Tracker today and let's conquer our wellness goals together! 

How to Get Started

To register, visit and click "Sign Up Today". Complete required fields, then click "Register Now". Returning users may also use  this link to sign in. 

Walker Tracker is available on iOS and Android devices.



Sync Your Device

Whether you use a Fitbit, Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, Garmin, etc., Walker Tracker will sync to your account. View list of all wearable devices and apps that are compatible with Walker Tracker. 

Meet Your Personal Goals

Walker Tracker is your ultimate fitness companion. It can track steps from your daily activities, which will empower you to stay motivated on your wellness journey. Whether you are aiming for a certain step count or striving to maintain an active lifestyle, Walker Tracker can be your partner in progress.

Team Building

Walker Tracker provides the capability to form a team during challenges. The  allows you lean on others for support and motivate each other. This is also an opportunity for you to create friendly competition amongst your teammates or other teams. 


Walker Tracker is easy use and modifiable. Change your step goal or stride length at any time. Set yourself daily reminders to enter your daily steps. Build your support system by adding friends. Login to view other ways to customize your account

Personalization and Messaging

Personalize your team by adding a name and team photo. Motivate and encourage team members through challenge discussions. Add positive feedback and tag team members or create a post along with a photo of your daily workout. 

Safe and Secure

Personal information such as nutrition, water, mood, sleep, heart, and weight are private and never visible to other members or administrators. Adjust privacy and communication settings at any time.  

Need Help?

For questions or issues, you may contact Walker Tracker at You may also visit to find helpful articles.


Throughout the year, we run various challenges to provide motivation to invest in your health. Challenge winners will be able to use points earned to redeem prizes within the reward catalog (and ship them directly to your home address worldwide). We hope you enjoy the challenges and have some fun along the way.

Healthy Eating in 3 Ingredients Challenge

August 2023

We're thrilled to announce that our healthy eating in 3 ingredients challenge was a great success. During the challenge, participants crafted nutritious meals with 3 ingredients in a month-long journey. They simultaneously engaged in regular exercise by tracking daily steps and motivated their peers through healthy competition.


97 participants joined the challenge and they completed a total of 24,869,494 steps and activities. 956,519 was the average amount of steps and activities accomplished per day. The total miles walked between all participants was 10,205 miles, which is roughly the distance from New York City to Sydney Australia.

Challenge participants were inspired to eat healthy by the enticing examples of healthy 3-ingredient meals provided. Examples include flavorful marinated chicken skewers, refreshing coconut lime quinoa, and guilt-free 3-ingredient brownies. See recipes below.


Now it's time to celebrate our winners! Join us in exploring the inspiring stories below, shared by our champions. 

Man running with bridge in background

Top 5 Step Winners

Congratulations to the top 5 participants who completed the most steps!

  • Israel Corpuz - 1,200,311 steps

  • Iva Tcolova - 1,133,644 steps

  • Jonathan Cadiz - 1,063,620

  • Doug Leahy - 757,233 steps

  • Karen Lee - 670,809

Walk Around The World for COPD Challenge

November 2023

The "Walk Around the World COPD Awareness Challenge" took place in November, which is COPD Awareness month. Participants included Pulmonx employees from around the world including the US, Europe, and Bora Bora. The challenge was tailored to revolve around COPD Awareness and the incredible impact Pulmonx has in enhancing the quality of life for those battling COPD.


The challenge took participants on a transformative journey through 10 milestones in 10 locations around the world. The challenge map started with great stories of key company milestones and patient stories along the way starting in Redwood City to Ohio, Washington, DC, Connecticut, Ireland, England, France, Netherlands, Australia and ended in Japan.  In total 14,938,219 steps were walked.

COPD Challenge.jpg

Challenge Winners

Congratulations to participants who won the challenge by achieving the most steps:

  • Joanna Alvarez - 927,904 steps

  • Karen Lee - 686,039 steps

  • Doug Leahy - 662,956 steps

Congratulations to our raffle winners who had the most consistent steps averaging 8,000 steps or more per day:

  • Remy Roe - 254,879 steps

  • Takahiro Kanegae - 332,762 steps

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