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McGriff Discount Drug Program

McGriff's savings card brings radically transparent drug pricing to the discount card market, saving consumers up to 90% on their prescriptions. Using the award-winning Clearinghouse Model® pricing framework, Capital Rx eliminates the hidden fees other cards commonly pass on to both consumers and pharmacies. We can now leverage this transparency with the McGriff Drug Discount Card.

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Consumers spent more than $348.4 billion on prescriptions in 2020.

  1. One in four people have difficulty affording the cost of medication.

  2. A variety of prescription drug discount cards are available to consumers, making medications more affordable.

An online pricing tool enables consumers to determine pricing for their specific medications and choose the pharmacy that offers the most savings. Those who have health insurance can compare the savings to what their insurer offers. Savings may be substantial for those with a high deductible health plan. Discounts may vary by prescription, location and pharmacy used. For example, discounts on medications that are highly utilized in a specific are may be highly discounted. Savings on generic drugs are typically much higher than savings on name brand drugs. Most doctors write prescriptions in a way which allows generic substitution since they are clinically equivalent to the ingredient in the original brand.  

McGriff Pharmacy Practice has expanded our relationship with our long-standing partner, Capital Rx. As a true disruptor in the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) arena, Capital Rx has continued to bring financial stability, high-touch service and clinical expertise to our shared clients.


We now have an exciting opportunity to further leverage their technology and offer McGriff clients a drug discount card solution that ensures users are getting the very best price on all their prescription needs.

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