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Making changes to your benefit elections

You can make changes to your benefit elections outside of the Open Enrollment period if you have a qualifying event. 

Once you enroll, you may not change your benefit elections or cancel coverage until the next Open Enrollment period, except as a result of a qualifying life event.


Examples of status changes include the following: 


  • Marriage

  • Divorce

  • Legal separation

  • Birth

  • Adoption

  • Death of a dependent

  • Change in employment status

  • Loss or gain in a dependent’s eligibility for coverage.

You must make changes to your coverage within 31 days from the event. If you miss the 31 day period, you will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment to change your benefits.

How to make changes

In order to add a life event and make changes to your benefits, you need to log into ADP WorkforceNow  and follow these steps: 


  • From your ADP WorkforceNow homepage, after logging in select Update My Benefits

  • On the next page select the qualifying event from the list. Input the event date information and click “Continue.”

  • Add/Remove Dependents (if necessary)

  • Update Benefits as necessary

  • Review selections and check out 

  • You can access and review benefits by navigating to Myself > Benefits > Enrollments

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