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2023 Dental Plan

We offer comprehensive dental health care to support our employees and their dependents 

Delta Dental - PPO Dental Plan

Pulmonx offers a dental PPO plan administered by Delta Dental. The Delta Dental PPO plan is available to all eligible employees and their eligible dependents. The PPO plan gives you access to dental care with in-network and out of network doctors. 


Note that Dental benefits are bundled with vision and may not be elected separately.


Visit or call 800-765-6003 to locate PPO providers.

Finding an in-network doctor

For more information regarding Delta Dental network providers, contact Delta Dental at 800-765-6003

To find an in-network doctor, visit and choose Find A Dentist or call 800-765-6003. 

In-network versus out-of-network: To pay the least out-of-pocket always use in-network dentists. If you choose to visit an out-of-network provider, your out of pocket costs may be higher as Delta Dental will only pay up to their contract allowances which may be lower than your dentist’s actual fees. Out-of-network dentists may balance bill you the difference between the contracted allowance and their fee.

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